Division 5Sz

Since its inception on February 24, 2007; the 5S Company Ltd. has focused on the development and installation of both classic and atypical types of interiors. After the new divisions were established, the foundational section of the company was renamed to 5Sz Ltd., where the index relates to “zoom in”- on the core (also as “základ” in Slovak- meaning base, foundation).

The original furniture division of the company has created and strengthened our philosophy of providing premium services, aimed at maximizing the satisfaction of all involved in the business relationship where everyone gains:

Investor quality and originality at a good price
Investor’s decision making body hassle free and smooth management of even the most complex projects
Architect, designer helpfulness and support of original and interesting projects
Production, suppliers precise communication of details, compliance with rules
Management of 5S Ltd. creative work generating satisfaction of partners


We have been able to satisfy the needs of our clients thanks to years of experience and expertise of our people in the field. Furthermore, the effective and responsible exchange of information and data recording, the anticipation of issues before they arise and the commitment to precision and detail have contributed to high customer satisfaction.

We enjoy collaborating with architects and designers without placing constrains upon them. And on the contrary, when designing interiors, we offer an open platform facilitating the exchange of ideas, sharing our experience and helpful key contacts.

Exceptional partnerships within the company as well as with our suppliers contribute to achieving complete client satisfaction. 5S Company Ltd. is interconnected with many of the suppliers through joint ownership. Thanks to this structure, we are able to provide a wide range of professional services in the design and installation of interiors of excellent quality and price.


Since the establishment of 5s Ltd., we have completed a number of large-scale redesign and refurbishment projects, including:

  • Redesign of more than 110 branches of Tatra banka plc.
  • Furnishing of more than 30 new branches of Tatra banka plc.
  • Furnishing of regional private banking network TaBa
  • Construction of offices of financial company GE Money
  • Furnishing of new premises of Nafta Gbely plc
  • Supply of equipment and furniture for the branches of Sberbank
  • Furnishing of the premises of Raiffeisen Bank
  • Furnishing of a portion of the PRIMA bank
  • Other banks, office spaces, businesses, and private spaces with more than 3,000 work stations

View Tatra banka network branches completed between the years 2007 – 2015

Mapa renovovaných pobočiek Tatra banky

Map of refurbished branches of Prima Bank (light green), Raiffeisen Bank (yellow) and Sberbank (dark green)

Mapa renovovaných pobočiek Prima banky (svetlo zelené), Raiffeisen banky (žltá) a Sberbanky (tmavo zelená)

Distribution, marketing and promotional activities – map of the national coverage by our assembly teams

Mapa pokrytia službami